Hestia panel unavailable after auto-upgrade

I’ve just tried to log in after message about auto-upgrade to version 1.4.9, and get this message:

We’re working on it!

This site is currently under construction.
Please check back soon.

What I can do to get the admin panel back to work?

What exactly doesnt work? Looks like this si just the default page and not rrlated to the panel which usualy is reachable under 8083.

Make sure that php cli can use proc_open. If not disable … Then run v-add-sys-phpmyadmin

Thanks a lot!
Everything works just perfectly.
I’ve tried the URL from the email about an auto-upgrade and don’t pay attention to the port.

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@eris i don’t know how to disable/enable proc_open. Is it a PHP command? I searched on this forum and internet and i was not able to answer this question. Please tell me.

Anyway, i solved the same problem in another way (adding new paths to open_basedir PHP CLI settings). I explained in detail here: Panel Error after 1.4.8 update - #8 by caos30 for anyone who maybe has the same problem in the future.

Thanks in advance by your response!

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