Hestia Release Cycle or new version?


Just curious. Is there a release cycle for HestiaCP ? (like Ubuntu for example)
If there is, where can I get info about it?
If not, when is the next version going to be released?


There is no planed release cycle like ubuntu, it will be released as soon as it is done and completly tested :slight_smile:. For the next version, january is the planed release date, currently we try to freeze the development and do a full testing. It depends of the available manpower we have, all of our devs do this project for free and beside their 100% jobs in other companies. If you would like to help testing and develop Hestia, please feel free to contact us!

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I hope you guys also include File Manager in the next upcoming release! :smiley:

As already informed, filemanager will not be included 1.1.0: File manager error