HestiaCP 1.2 ETA

So I am moving from a shared hosting with cPanel to a VPS with a CP.
I have so far tried VestaCP, I really like it. However of course some things are missing.
Recently I found out VestaCP is dead (according to many people on their forum).
Hence I am moving away from Vesta and considering Hestia.
When would 1.2 be official and
I would like to ask if Hestia has the same kind of features as Vesta, as well as things like fail2ban and SOFTACULOUS?


Monday 29 th of June

Fail2ban yes
Free filemanager with upload for users
No SOFTACULOUS but we do support one click install for a few options but in progress

Hi @xiao - thanks for reaching out.

As eris pointed out, Hestia CP offers “Quick Install App” function:

Fail2ban is supported. You can even consider CSF as a replacement for firewallD & Fail2ban instead.

However Lupu did a pretty decent job with stock utils where he implemented ipset filter for auto-blocking custom IPs, eg. spam, TOR, proxies, bruteforcers, etc. in v1.2.0.

Don’t hesitate & switch to Hestia CP right now. You won’t regret it :wink:


firewallD isn’t a part of Debian/Ubuntu it think you mean iptables?

Also a lot other features have been added since 1.1.1 Changes can be found

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@martineliascz I want to switch now. However does 1.1.1 support Ubuntu 20.04? or is that only on 1.2?
I would like a stable release that supports Ubuntu 20.
Hence I was asking when 1.2 stable will be available.

@eris Thanks for the info. Since I am not an expert, I was also wanting to know how soon 1.2 stable will be here. If i am going to start from a fresh new server I might aswell do it on the latest ubuntu, rather than 18 then move it to 20. However if its still going to be a while then I dont mind just using 1.1.1 with Ubuntu 20

Currently 1.1.1 doesn’t support Ubuntu 20.04. It has been added to 1.2.0 and used by me for the last 3 weeks without any issue.

1.2 Release / Stable will be released next Monday 29 June 2020. We have tested it for over 3 weeks with different servers and there where minor issues with it that has been fixed by us.

So if you can wait 2 days I would suggest to do so :slight_smile:

You could also consider installing 1.2.0 RC but the install process isn’t as easy as 1.2.0 release.

@eris Thank you for the date. Monday 29 June. Sure I can wait :smiley:

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Hey guys, those of running the 1.2.0 RC will auto-update on monday?

Happy Monday!
Looking forward to making my new server Ubuntu 20 using Hestia 1.2 today Fingers Crossed

Yep that is also my question…

For those who are running 1.2.0 release candidate, please run apt update && apt install --reinstall hestia which will pull down the release package from our repository.

After update I have reinstalled CSF but the link for CSF is gone, something changed ?

Please checkout the csf thread, the integration is not from us, we can’t provide any support for it.

One of the boxes give this error :
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package –reinstall
Trying to update from 1.2.0. RC

Edit : i see there is a typo at the orginal thread about how to update, but cant make comment there so please modify the orginal thread and fix the typo:
Faulty update command : apt update && apt install -reinstall hestia
Good update command is : apt update && apt install --reinstall hestia

… copy and paste doesnt always work :slight_smile:, you need to have two dashes, on your text you’ve got only one long…

Yes i saw that , but that was because i made a copy paste from the orginal thread first, see my previous comment

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fixed, is now a double dash, probaly happened due to copy&paste :smiley:.

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How to I access the Quick Install App?

Edit a web domain and click “Quick install app” near the “save” button

i have running hestia V1.1.1 and it not automatically updated to 1.1.2 it. was released?