HestiaCP is fantastic!

I was a longtime user from VestaCP for a few years if I remember right. Finally moved over to HestiaCP, migrated a lot of websites and it went incredibly smooth, I just wanted to share how much I really love this project and all the improvements you guys made, it’s truly great!

I’ve been using HestiaCP for a couple weeks now and I’ve found so much support here on the forums and you guys are really quick, fast and helpful and the search feature helps tremendously.

I hope this project stands the test of time unlike VestaCP unfortunately, I would be willing to donate to help out if needed.

Anyways, I just wanted to really emphasize how much of a great job you guys have been doing with the panel and support in general, once again thanks a bunch to all the devs and supporters!

You guys are great and open source projects are so helpful, I wish I could contribute via coding but I have no skills in that area, so please if things become dire please let us know so we can donate to help!


There are many other ways to help like help us with the translations:

and improving the documentation

And so on that does not require any knowledge of programming.


How can i add Hebrew translation? Can’t register it’s asking for a key ?!..

@schiwe have a look here, it should explain all: How to contribute with Translations

Great tnx @ScIT .

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