HestiaCP server’s internal email by smtp add hostname to emails

It will be possible to add the server hostname in the emails sent by HestiCP?

What is the best approach to be able to include server hostname in emails?

Please explain


I just need to know, when i receive an email notification from server sent by HestiaCP, wich server is it coming from?

I have a few servers with HestiaCP, and set up all of them to send HestiaCP emails with smtp (with /usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/manual/ to run the configure-server-smtp.sh script).

All emails are sent correctly, but i need an approach to distinguish emails by server in my mailbox. Because I set up all with the same SMTP credentials.

I ask if it is possible to add server Hostname to these emails? Maybe override some template ?

doesn’t this show up in the headers for an email? I think that if the recipient is in gmail, I think that you basically go ‘show headers’ then it will clearly show what server is sending the email. At least, that is from MY latest memory on the topic.

So you want to see which server is sending the email in both, the subject and the content of the email.

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Yes that’s the idea

You’re right, I was looking and the server’s hostname appears in the email headers.

I think it is not practical and if possible I would like to see the server name in the subject or body of the message.

I am sure we are talking about the “automated” email send when a back up has been made and so on?

Yes but not only, I’m looking for a solution for all emails generated by HestiaCP, user account creation, emails from crons, etc.

For the “Emails” send with in “Hestia” panel it self I am currently working on a PR:

Where you are able set up custom sender name. But it might not work with SMTP relay need to check that.

For the internal emails send via bash (Backup ready and so on) they are also processed via php at some point so that is probally also no issue.

Cronjob email notification are a different issue…