How can i install and activate new plugins in roundcube?

i am trying to install a calendar for roundcube

I do it in the following way:

I put the unzipped folder in the /etc/roundcube/plugins folder

I edit the file /etc/roundcube/

I add the name of the plugin plugin in $config[‘plugins’] = array(’‘password’, ‘newmail_notifier’, ‘zipdownload’, ‘calendar’,);

I close session in rouudcube and when I re-enter the plugin is not activated

What am I doing wrong? Is there a special way to make roudcube plugins work in hestiacp?

Extract folder in /var/lib/roundcube/pluigns

And edit the file in /etc/roundcube/

If the plugin has a config file create it in /etc/roundcube/plugins and symblolic link it …

For example:

    cp -f $HESTIA_INSTALL_DIR/roundcube/hestia.php $RC_INSTALL_DIR/plugins/password/drivers/
    mkdir -p $RC_CONFIG_DIR/plugins/password
    mkdir -p $RC_CONFIG_DIR/plugins/newmail_notifier
    mkdir -p $RC_CONFIG_DIR/plugins/zipdownload
    # Allow changes to the respective config / Create symlinks to /etc/roundcube/ 
    cp -f $HESTIA_INSTALL_DIR/roundcube/ $RC_CONFIG_DIR/plugins/password/
    ln -s $RC_CONFIG_DIR/plugins/password/ ./plugins/password/
    cp -f $HESTIA_INSTALL_DIR/roundcube/plugins/ $RC_CONFIG_DIR/plugins/newmail_notifier/
    ln -s $RC_CONFIG_DIR/plugins/newmail_notifier/ ./plugins/newmail_notifier/
    cp -f $HESTIA_INSTALL_DIR/roundcube/plugins/ $RC_CONFIG_DIR/plugins/zipdownload/
    ln -s $RC_CONFIG_DIR/plugins/zipdownload/ ./plugins/zipdownload/

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