How Long will Php 5.6 work on HestiaCP?

I have a client using Php 5.6. I can’t recall if the server has MultiPhp, I’m pretty sure that it DOES have MultiPhp (or else I couldn’t be using 5.6, correct?)

So I’m trying to figure out how LONG php 5.6 will function on HestiaCP?
I had attempted to rewrite the app from 5.6 to 8.x and my estimate is 30 hours.

I know that Php 5.6 has been unsupported for 3.75 years.
But I’m hoping that HestiaCP will support php 5.6 for the next 5 years.

Is there any way to find out how long Php 5.6 will FUNCTION on HestiaCP?

THANKS. I should be paying you guys for this software (but I’m not making any money myself)

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Its supported as long as sury repo supports it.

When I looked at the sury repo, It looks like they don’t support it anymore (without paying for it).

Is there any way you can give me a more concrete answer? I’m gonna try to rewrite this app, but it’s a surprisingly verbose app, and I know I can’t charge what I’d need to charge to rewrite it.

I MIGHT be able to rewrite MOST of it, and then leave one sub-site /admin/ or /manage/ or whatever on 5.6.

They does for existing “supported” operating system including Jammy 22.04. How when It goes EOL (18.04 for next April) you have to pay for it…

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I’m a debian 11 user. And when you say ‘Pay for it’ do you mean ‘Pay for Support’ or ‘pay to use php 5.6’?

Sorry, I don’t understand these things very well

Debian 10 and 11 are also supported until they go end of support (5 years after initial release)

But so far I know both php5.6 and other 7.x version are highly supported by Laravel…

THANK YOU SO MUCH for spelling it out for me.
I don’t make very much money in Web Development, but this answer just earned me about 6 months of income. Lol. Thanks again.

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