How to Add a new Folder at

Hello. It’s been a while since I visited the Forum.
I need to be able to setup a Folder called Apps - not in /public_html But in the level above. i.e.
It would seem this is not possible using the File Manager.
Could someone please guide me in the right direction please?

Thank you!

Hello @EdwardC,

You can’t do it using file manager because when HestiaCP creates the web domain, it changes the perms of dir /$HOMEDIR/$user/web/$domain/ to 551 and that means no write perm so you can’t add neither directories nor files.

If you really need it, you could create it as user root.

Example using test (as user and group), as domain and Apps as the new dir:

mkdir /home/test/web/
chown test:test /home/test/web/
chmod 751 /home/test/web/

Or if you can login with your user via ssh:

cd ~/web/
chmod 751
chmod 751
chmod 551
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Hello @sahsanu. Thank you for that excellent explanation and recommendations. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.


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