How to disable http2 in nginx?


I want to disable http2 for my nginx server. I am using custom templates for my domains and I have removed http2 flag from listen directive.

But I found out on Stackoverflow that:

You have to disable http2 for all server blocks on one IP Adress / Port. If there is one server block configured to enable http2 it is enabled for all server blocks on this IP.

I found out that the config file for server ip address /etc/nginx/conf.d/*.*.*.*.conf contains the http2 flag which is enabling http2 for all domains.

I think it is built from the template file hestiacp/install/deb/nginx/

I would like to know if there is a way to change template file for *.*.*.*.conf because if I change the template file it might be replaced after an update.

ip.conf doesnt have a template file, you should be good to directly modify it.

Thanks @ScIT

I will modify it now.

I am disabling HTTP/2 because HTTP/2 upload speed is very slow in Firefox almost 80% slower than HTTP/1.1 in my case.

Other browsers works great, I have tested in Edge and Chrome. So until it is fixed, I’ll be using HTTP/1.1

For starters the guy is costing 8MB to 350mbit. Again there are 8 bits in a byte. Capital MB is megaBYTE and lowercase b or MB is megaBIT.

THAT discrepancy accounts for about two thirds of the difference…

With my tests, The results were really bad. I had tested on 2 different ISPs, a 200Mbps and another 500Mbps lines.

In both of the lines I got less than equal to 80% of the speed. Around 25Mbps and 50Mbps.

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