How to set-up memcached, redis?

I used multiple PHP7.4 & PHP8.3.

I readed this article.
Web Templates and FastCGI/Proxy Cache | Hestia Control Panel (

apt install php-memcached php-redis
apt install php7.4-memcached php7.4-redis

And, HestiaCP Admin firewall rull added.

Accept, TCP, 11211,, memcached

Um…and so??
How can I use memcached?

Please let me know if there is anything wrong.

You need to install regis-server / memcached server as well…

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sudo apt install memcached

Is it Right?

Yes it should work


but I tried mostly every guide and last use chatgpt to installing redis, but at the end the result is zero…see

I could not installed redis for hestiaCP. Kindly help and provide a dedicated guide to install redis and memchached for hestiacp. thanks in advance…