I want to help with HestiaCP translation to spanish

Dear HestiaCP Dev Team

I am available to help doing translations for HestiaCP from English to Spanish
If I can help somehow, only let me know.


Carlos Alvarez
Santiago, Chile

thanks for your offer by the way :wink:

HestiaCP already offers quite some translation including spanish, though it might not be complete or fully correct. you can change your preferred language by simply going to the profile settings of your admin-account and change it there (so can every other user ofc).

while we are working on the release of version 1.1 for now and may not prioritize translations - feel free to check and gather things that might need adjustment.
you’ll find all language files in /usr/local/hestia/web/inc/i18n - es.php should be the spanish one :wink:

best way would be to send in a pull request via github for all changes or additions you’d suggest. thanks again!