Official translations?

I was wondering if there is any official translation service for HestiaCP such as on transifex? if not do we simple translate whats in /usr/local/hestia/web/inc/i18n ? (found it from I want to help with HestiaCP translation to spanish) and submit a PR on github? :slight_smile:

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Not yet. With the current system we noticed that often certain files went out of sync. Therefore we have decided to switch over to easier system handle it.

With a few click I am now able to see what translations needs to be done and what strings are missing.

We are working a a switch over to po(t) / mo files this week. How ever we hit a few small road blocks need to be sorted out first.

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Please update the topic to insert the correct links:

@Bashar Please check How to contribute with Translations


Registered, thanks!