IMAP 993 not working

Any idea how to setup email using IMAP with port 993.

Mine is only accepting port 143 however port 993 is allowed.

hi you need to be sure you’ve valid hostname and ssl installed for the hostname. How to install Lets Encrypt SSL in Hestia CP hostname, admin control panel and for Email Server - Other WEB Panels - Alpha GNU

and you need to use that particular hostname as ipmap hostname in your email client/script.

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Also, Please confirm if port 993 is really open

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SSL already applied and I can use email client but with port 143, 465 and 587

Yes it’s allowed

Send us some log or error message

How could I do that? From Microsoft Outlook

Appreciate if anyone can support on this

Show the output of these commands (as root):

netstat -ptan | grep -i listen | grep -i dovecot


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