Is it possible to install and manage HestiaCP panel without a public real domain, but only local?

I mean, I would like to install HestiaCP, but without configuring a real public domain for the admin panel. I will only access the panel via local IP/domain, and if I’m outside, I will just a VPN.

By now, I’m working on a website I’m building and configuring just in local, and I can use the webserver in local too. No problem with it. But, didn’t try to make the page public yet: open corresponding ports, generate ssl, configure a real domain for that page, etc.

If I understood your question, then this link should answer your question.
Domains verses IP Addresses - Community Support / System - Hestia Control Panel - Discourse (

Mmm, no it doesn’t respond to what I wanted actually. I have not explained myself as I should, I will try:

Let’s say that I install HestiaCP on my server, and I want the admin panel to be accessible ONLY from LAN. So, while configuring the install script, I set the domain/hostname field for the admin panel to be a domain from my local DNS server at home (Pihole, DNS from router, etc…), example:, a domain name that’s not public.

Then, the websites I will add to HestiaCP will have SSL certificates generated from Cloudflare, not managed in HestiaCP. So, the real domain names will be the ones configured for the corresponding webservers.

Sorry, but I explained it better now?

That’s not going to work. Cloudflare only issues certificates for valid DNS hostnames that resolve on the public internet. Cloudflare also requires a certificate installed on the origin server to secure traffic to their proxy from your webserver.

You need matching hostnames on Cloudflare and your origin server.

It might help if you explain what you are hoping to accomplish with less assumptions about the steps involved in achieving the goal.

I managed to do so. I just need to provide a non-real domain from my pihole instance.
Then, when adding new websites, this domain comes from Cloudflare.

The HestiaCP panel is not accessible from outside by this way, so I need to connect to it via VPN.

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