Launch of 1.3 HestiaCP

When is the new hestiacp version 1.3 getting launched?


When it is ready.

There is one issue that still need to be sorted out before 1.3.0 release. For the reset testing is left.

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Approx, how much time, this may take?

There is no feedback possible, if you want to speed up the process, please start testing the main branch and let us know, if all works properly.

I can surely help you with that, I am rather looking forward to review hestiacp in our upcoming news article, top 10 web based panels to control your server.


I’ve tested the 1.3.0 RC on Ubuntu 20.04 with an imported backup from a VestaCP and didn’t have any problems.

I have been looking around with 1.3.0 on Deb10. I have not seen any issues yet, however, is there a changelog of feature etc that have been added/changed? Would be helpful to know if there are certain areas to pay closer attention to.

See the changelog


For non English speakers it would be really help full if they can help with the translations :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to complete and correct the German translation.

Thanks will check it out later

How can create account and help for translations?

Please check

Or via

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Ran an update today, to bring me up to 1.3, on one VPS.
One thing that I’ve noticed is that the server email queue has 8 (presumably frozen) emails in it. There doesn’t appear to be an email queue manger to check what they are - or is one expected to login as a particular user, to see the queue? I’m probably missing something.
Previously I’ve asked for a CSF plugin to be added as an option, instead of the current “firewall” dropdown. I’m wondering if CMM (Configserver Mail Manager) might also be useful.

For the mail queue:

The current firewall will not be replaced, but a plugin for CSF - or also a connection for other plugins, is already in discussion.

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Any idea, when 1.3 will be released? It would be nice to get an estimated date, because I’m planning to set up a new server in November. If possible, I’d like to use 1.3.

Usualy, we do not provide fixed dates, but infact hestia has already passed his release candidate status, we can make an exception for this: The release is planed for tomorrow.