Let's Encrypt Hooks

Does Hestia CP support hooks upon Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal?

Currently using dehydrated: hook.sh - deploy_cert function on other platforms.

Currently, there are no hooks built in - no. What would be your use case for such a hook?

@ScIT - thanks for reply.

As replied in previous thread (Duplicati) - it does use Mono for Linux, thus bundled certificate in PKCS #12 format is required.

Currently I re-create the certificate manually using openssl every three months.

Cron job can be created for this, but better approach are hooks, ie. dehydrated.

What approach do you recommend to tackle with the issue? Possibly altering “/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-generate-ssl-cert” ??

v-generate-ssl-cert it’s called before the cert gets downloaded from LE.

Still you can use the appoach described here:


@Lupu - Thanks, working as expected.