Location of localization files

Good day.
Can you please tell me where the panel localization files are located? I would like to correct errors in translation into Russian.

Hello Flexo,

For currently 1.2.0 They are located in https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/blob/main/web/inc/i18n/ru.php

For 1.3.0 This will switched and they are located in https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/tree/staging/features/web/locale

They can be changed via https://translate.hestiacp.com/projects/hestiacp/ru/default/

See also Official translations?

I already found it on the server and corrected it, which hurt my eyes. Replaced “ДФА ПИН” with “Введите код” when entering the panel. It turned out fine. I’ll see what else to fix and see your links. There are just mistakes.

Checked the new translations:


“Введите код” still sounds better. As an example, I cite the localization of CMS Joomla 3. It says “Секретный код”

I don’t speak Russian, however shared the post with some Russians native speakers.

If you want you can also join our Discord channel…

Okay, but it’s already tomorrow. I really want to sleep :slight_smile:
Thanks you.


Hello @Flexo!

First of all thank you for your feedback and interest to the HestiaCP project.
I guided the principle Brevity is the soul of wit while making Russian and Ukrainian translations for the Project. Therefore shorter is better until it’s not break logical meaning in general.
You’ve a rational in your opinion of course, but at first it’s matter of taste, at second reviewing translations requires some additional time and work to make all parts of HestiaCP run and look properly.


Yes, I don’t argue with that. I just altered the translation a little to fit my needs. To be honest, at first I did not understand at all what kind of “ДФА” it was. Also, several stylistic errors were found, but perhaps the declensions are not substituted. (I wanted to show where exactly, but now until the evening, since I am not at the server, but apparently they turned off the light, and the laptop with the server itself does not know how to turn on due to the cut-down BIOS) … Your project is just a bomb after Vesta.

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Please note with the next release the string will get overwritten and changing translations will get harder due to the fact the need to get complied for every change…

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HI @Flexo nice work, you found strings that needed to be translated
Hi @Pleskan how are you!?
Ho heyaaa. There are the official links here already for someone wants to translate to some language.

the effort of @eris is giving results


Please check How to contribute with Translations for howto…