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Hey, guys. Is mail baby works now in Hestiacp? Thank you

Hestiacp’s mail baby works fine now

Give Port Number 2525
Other ports did not work

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Thank you. Do we have to allow this port, right, in the firewall?

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Don’t do anything with the firewall
Give only 2525 to Mail Rely Port and try

You must enter the Mail Baby SPF record in the SPF record and update it, or your E-mail will be rejected by mail baby. (This is mandatory)

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Oh. Really? Is there a way we can bulk add the record to all domains in hestia? Is this also necessary with sendinblue or brevo?

Yes and you should also check what is the right data to add a dmarc policy to your dns records too, if you have doubts, check the help of the relay service you want to use or talk to support and they will inform you the right records you must add to your dns.

Note: sendinblue is the former name of brevo so both are the same.

As far as I know there is no such option in Hestia but you could create a script to do it for you…


I don’t know of such a method
After you add mail baby to the server, you need to put SPF on every domain on the server
If mail is sent from a domain without your SPF, they often reject all your mail. Even e-mails with SPF updates are rejected.
(mail baby Reseller is taken from MailChannels, your E-mail is rejected from MailChannels)

If something like that happens to you, it is easier to get a Mail ID again than to ask his Support, then the error will not appear when you get a new Mail ID again.

It is necessary to update the spf report with any Mail Rely.

If Smtp2Go service is used, instead of adding spf, you have to add 3 cname records.

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Check /var/log/exim4/mainlog for the error…

Thank you very much, man.

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