SMTP Relay problem

The IP of the ovh VPS I got was blacklisted in UCEPROTECT so I went to e-mail spam. OVH said their ASN blacklists had no solution

I bought service for SMTP Relay for Hestiacp

I added my mail baby for Hestiacp as follows


After adding it, but the recipient will not receive any of the e-mail I send.

After removing the SMTP Relay, the recipient will receive those messages

How do I add service to Hestiacp so that the recipient receives the e-mail?

mail baby details


Or is there another solution to my problem?

Did you setup mail relay as an general setting or on domain level?

I went to Configure Server> Mail Server> Global SMTP Relay and added, it did not work

Then, I will log in to the User Account and add it to Mail> Edit Mail Domain> SMTP Relay, which also did not work

I have been trying this for a month and tried to reinstall Hestiacp but I could not

Have you checked the exim mainlog to see what exactly fails?

Just as a general note, a listing on UCEPROTECT can generally be ignored. It doesn’t seem to affect deliverability, and will generally be removed after a while.

They also seem to require payment for de-listing, which is a curious business model.


Haven’t checked with Mailbaby yet.

SMTP2GO works fine make sure you set up the correct DNS headers for the sending domains often it is the problem.

Check mainlog what it is not working


This is suggested mailbaby config for DirectAdmin

    driver = plaintext
    public_name = LOGIN
    hide client_send = : mailbaby : 68e9af2444722ffd228497dec28b0ae3b5c6413f7a2a9455c410872770165a66
     driver = manualroute
     domains = ! +local_domains
     ignore_target_hosts =
     condition = "${perl{check_limits}}"
     transport = auth_relay

     route_list = *
    driver = smtp
    port = 25
    hosts_require_auth = $host_address
    hosts_require_tls = $host_address
    headers_add = "${if def:authenticated_id{X-AuthUser: ${authenticated_id}}}"
    interface = <; ${if exists{/etc/virtual/domainips}{${lookup{$sender_address_domain}lsearch*{/etc/virtual/domainips}}}}
    helo_data = ${if exists{/etc/virtual/helo_data}{${lookup{$sending_ip_address}iplsearch{/etc/virtual/helo_data}{$value}{$primary_hostname}}}{$primary_hostname}}
    hosts_try_chunking =
    hosts_try_fastopen =

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