Move dns domains/zones from user1 to user2

Is there a way to do this from the GUI or using the hestia cli v-* bins ?

I have gotten this to work manually but wonder if I am causing myself issues.

mv user1/dns.conf user2/dns.conf
you could touch user1/dns.conf;chmod 660 user1/dns.conf but not required
mv user1/dns/* user2/dns/

then in the admin gui select user1 and user 2 and ‘Rebuild DNS zones’
or. I havent tried this but
v-rebuid-dns-domains user1
v-rebuid-dns-domains user2

thanks for hestia cp . I am enjoying learning how it works.

working towards a master/master setup but thinking I want the user to be my primary(not admin) user and not dns-cluster user. That way everything will be under one user

v-change-domain-owner will do the trick. But will also move the web domain

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