Nginx cache problem

I jut successfully restore my old vestacp to hestiacp.

My old vestacp before is only using apache.

My current hestiacp is Apache + Nginx

When I try edit the website. It always shows old content, I turnoff the nginx proxy on domain level. It still show old website. What is wrong?

This is not dns issue. I try to make a new folder in the website. It shows successfully. But I try to edit the file, it always show the first render. after that it shows that first render for maybe 30minutes before it gets updated with new content.

First check what template you are currently using. If caching switch it over to default or hosting.

Via nginx config you can disable modify you cache settings if you really need.

nginx template is set to default. But I check the header for jpg files it expires on 2037. isnt ‘default’ template should not cache the image? and then what is the purpose of ‘caching’ nginx template?

are sure it’s nginx and not the browser cache?
many are using nginx+apache around here but don’t remember someone else having a similar issue

Probably your DNS still pointing to old server
Or - your CDN server cache like Cloudflare …

Try running this, hope this helps!

cd /var/cache/
rm -rf nginx
mkdir nginx
service nginx restart