Аntivirus and antispam for mail

Hello, why do not I have such add-ons as antivirus and antispam for mail active, can they somehow be installed additionally, because there are already three sites on the server, and I don’t want to demolish all this.

Currently, changing the modules after installation isnt possible in a easy way. You could try to get the relevant parts out of the installer, but you need to know what you’re doing. Probaly setup a new server and move the content using the backup function could be a better idea.

Also, a modular installer - where you can enable and disable features like bind, ftp, apache2 - is on the to do list.

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I’ve been noticing the same issues with the 1.4 version with not having anti-virus or anti-spam. I did a complete reimage of the VPS to install hestia 1.4, and the restore worked to import the existing emails with anti-virus and anti-spam, however upon creation of a new site, anti-virus and anti-spam were not there for the new site, but were there for the old(restored) site. So it seems like I’m out of luck? Is it possible to specify only certain restore aspects like web and db so that I can create brand new email domains for each of the sites.

I had an issue where my
variables weren’t set in my /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf file
That meant the boxes to check on the Edit Mail Domain page weren’t showing up, so I couldn’t activate them. Maybe this is what you’re experiencing.
You might successfully use the command line v- commands instead. Its late now, I can explain more in the morning.

Thanks!! That was exactly the issue. I went ahead and edited the /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf file, and added the two lines:
I saved the file, rebooted my server, and sure enough when I got to Edit my Mail Domain, the options for Spam Filter and Anti-Virus are now visible and weren’t checked. I have to wonder if this is a bug somehow. Curious why those two entries would’ve been removed in our cases.

I spoke too soon. From the admin user, it looks like the clam service is running, but the spamassassin service can’t be found.

We have changed the the fact if spam assign / clamav wasn’t installed it should hidden. It doesn’t make sense to show them if they are not installed.

Thank you for your replies. I think the issue was the lack of knowledge that anti virus and anti spam don’t get installed by default. So the previous 1.3x release falsely led me to believe they were there based on the check marks in the mail domain section. With release 1.4 they will show the red x and hide the option to enable them when editing the mail domain because they in fact are not installed. I think i have it all figured out now, now that I know anti virus and anti spam are not enabled during default installs. Which implies they aren’t needed for the average user.

Definitely makes sense. However I was thinking that the variables should still be in the conf file, but set to null if that was the case. eg

@We_are_PSU I think clam and spamassassin are usually installed by default, although maybe not on low memory systems?
You can check with
systemctl status spamassassin.service
systemctl status clamav-daemon.service

I think you hit the nail on the head. My low memory (1GB VPS) didn’t have them installed by default, but on my higher memory system the default installed the following.

  • NGINX Web / Proxy Server
  • Apache Web Server (as backend)
  • PHP-FPM Application Server
  • Bind DNS Server
  • Exim Mail Server + ClamAV + SpamAssassin
  • Dovecot POP3/IMAP Server
  • MariaDB Database Server
  • Vsftpd FTP Server
  • Firewall (Iptables) + Fail2Ban Access Monitor

ClamAV requires at least 1,5 gb of memory we have just updated so it needs unless you specify it at least 3 gb of memory as 2 gb (what is before still caused issues)

Thank you for specifically pointing out in the code where it checks memory requirements. This answered why AV and spam were not being installed.