Official node.js deploy (or any other socket/port application)


I have been looking for an official step-by-step example to run node.js apps on HestiaCP without success. (I may be getting old or lazy !!)

I have found this:

[Tutorial] Install Gitea/any kind of web application with HestiaCP

Do you consider this the actual/correct way to do it?

Did this happen? is there official support already?

I also went through the documentation without seeing how to implement this (maybe it is my limited knowledge on this subject)

I expect port 80 or 443 to answer for this app.


Yes, it’s pretty much same for all kind of web applications.

You configure and run the app through docker/systemd/or PM2(if you’re Node fan)/ etc.

You create a new template if not already created and proxy to Nginx. And select that template for Nginx and it’s live.

Thanks @istiak101 for the reply.
I know you did this tutorial and I appreciate it, but I wonder if this is the method HestiaCP developers validate as the standard procedure.

After a day of trying, I could not make an app work.
I get:

Internal Server Error

Oops! Something went wrong.
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Error Code: 500

The app works correctly on port 3000 if I Start it maually.

I would love to see some node.js and react templates and a clear explanation on how to make the app start automatically on restart and on every change made to a changed file.

Take a look at this resource
NodeJS using QuickInstall App

It uses Node and PM2 for manage your apps

I hope it helps