[Poll] What OS do you install Hestia Control Panel on?

We want to know, what operating system do you typically use when installing Hestia Control Panel?

  • Debian 10
  • Debian 11
  • Debian 12
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 22.04
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Please feel free to explain the reason your choice in the comments.


Is more fast than Ubuntu, in my experiencia… (by my hardware and my appreciation)
Sorry by my english…

Debian Stable never disappoints. It may not be bleeding edge, but it is reliable and pays nicely with the third party repos used by Hestia. In place upgrades are typically painless.


Bookworm (12) is pretty bleeding edge, to be honest. It offers PHP 8.2 via apt! And it has deprecated syslog, which is way beyond innovative or bleeding edge.


“Get off my lawn!”

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LOL yes, I thought that too. Nothing an apt install rsyslog would not fix though. The debian devs thought it would be a bit on the bleeding edge side themselves.

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Debian 12 preferred, but some providers only offer Ubuntu.


None in the survey.

Ubuntu 18.04 with Ubuntu Pro subscription.

Keep in mind that Hestia doesn’t support Ubuntu 18.04

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18.04 is EOL and PHP packages from Sury are not available for free any more…

Pro subscription not but investing a lot of time in a EOL software that need more and more patches :cry: If somebody is willig to pay for it. At least a reasonable amount we can consider it but for free is not possible…

There are about 1500 users still using and slowly decreasing…

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eris, when I see how many users have problems with newer Debian/Ubuntu versions, I’m glad that 18.04 works without any problems. Of course, that can change from time to time. :wink:

Why did you not upgraded to a higher ubuntu version? It’s not so difficult to do that. If you have a VPS you can make a snapshot before upgrade.


That’s a simple answer. I update the Linux variants only when I change hardware. So I always have time to test new versions. This also applies to the Hestia control panel.

The old principle applies to me: “Never change a runnig system.” :wink:

if it is a server that’s not connected to the internet than i understand your statement. Ubuntu 18.04 is in april 2024 end of life and don’t get updates anymore. Maybe a good reason to upgrade before you have a security incident.


Hello luchtbakker,

Ubuntu Pro 18.04 LTS will remain fully supported until April 2028.

but most repo, aswell as hestia, will stop support after EOL.


Using Deb 11 will move to 12 when have time to upgrade.

Been using Debian for years, stable and easy to use.


They always had to, plus there are some infrastructure providers that prefer it and that suits me.

God save debian

Hi bro, thx for u services! U awesome expertise guy!!