Problems with database UTF8 chars when migrating


I have Ubuntu 20.04+HestiaCP 1.3.0 on old server. I want to migrate my website and database to a new server with Ubuntu 20.04+HestiaCP 1.3.0 too.

After I do backup on old server, I upload files manually to the new server (ftp). Problems comes when I import database from old server to the new server via phpMyAdmin.

Charaters from my language are not working " š đ č ć ž ", but it’s same charset (utf8 db type) on both (old and new) servers.

When I login to phpmyadmin on old server, I get fu*ked up charaters too. But somehow the website displays them as normal, and everything works fine:

But when I import the same database to the new server, the charaters as seen above are not working and are replaces with that hieroglyphs.

Do you have the same charsets for both databases/tables? Could be the issue.

if you just want to migrate to new server, why you not just made a simple backup and restore if you use the same OS an same Hestia as control panel. what i mean is using command line

if got problem using this commandline, there are solution on this forum
if i am not wrong is this

i always use this method all the time and no issue

@ScIT both servers (old and new) are with same OS and same Hestia version, also both databases are created with ut8.

@jtdoank I’ve tried that too. Created new user, uploaded backup and did a restore via panel. But same thing happens with database. On the new server the letters š đ ž č ć are not working.

Here is a sample of info inside old server (where the db is working correctly):

Here is a sample of info inside new server (where I want my db to import):

Once again, I’ve never tweaked configs or something, this is the default HestiaCP configs on both servers after the installation.

P.S there are errors when installing PHP 7.2 from Hestia interface (web server).

Character sets can be a real pain. Here’s something that may prove useful:

Section 9 onwards is the main part.
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you probably also want to check the locales setting on both systems…

It’s using same locales. But when we talk about that, it would be good for hestiacp to generate needed locale for it. Eg to set default EN_US.UTF-8 by automatic.

No. There’s a big World out there beyond Idaho. :cowboy_hat_face: (Cue the B52s)
EN_GB.UTF-8 is the root - English is the clue. :wink:

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