Question about upgrade in hestia - database

Hello, I see that hestia has been updated on my server, when trying to create a database it gives me an error: “Error: DBUSER=user_name already exists”
Basically whenever I create several databases the same user is assigned to them, before leaving the same user for all of them it worked without problems, now how do I do if I want to leave the same user for the databases?

We really need to work the database user system…

But currently the easiest method is to create a database user you self and grant it all databases or only specify the database you want to give access to…

thanks for in fo

User @Renato from this post MYSQL - Different password for different databases - #4 by eris ruined a feature I was using

It was a feature to have the same user on several databases. It was obvious it’s the same user and who would think to put in there different passwords and expect it to work? @Renato did.

Feature ruined.

How can we have the feature back?

I have had no issues using v-commands for that matter. Would that work for you?

@bpali Please don’t talk like this about other users. There is no blame to him reporting a bug that other users used as feature…

How ever method was allready blocked under: hestiacp/v-add-database at 7d1641e38d213d3c68eadbfc11abc7bc2c6f0059 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub and we knew it would raise issues for some users.

So to keep Hestia behaviour the same over all it makes sense to alter it. Even there was a reason that other users might might use it…

Yes we are planning for a replacement of it so users can create a user that can access the all the database and more flexible rules about it.

But I do have other issues on my to do list

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Please keep it friendly …

Yes you are right, I deleted my answer, thank you.

Feel free to upvote. But probally the development will fall on me anyways

You are right @eris, I apologize to @Renato for talking later about his actions. I agree that we should keep things friendly.
I hope my apologizes are accepted.

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For wordpress you can use a single database for several sites.

Edit this $table_prefix = 'wp_';

Thank you @bpali, very kind of you.

I also encountered a similar issue. I think it would be better to separate the creation of dbuser and db. When creating a new db, instead of having to create a new dbuser, there should be an option to select an existing user (similar to selecting a PHP version for domain).