Remove or diable apache at all

I installed hestiacp on debian 10:

The apache server take a lot of space of memory,

how can I disable apache at all, and use just nginx.

Fastest way would be a reinstall of the system - at least for now. We are working on a modular way to add and remove software packages, but this isnt done yet.


Thanks for reply,
I’m ken on it.
I’ll be wait right now :heart_eyes:

That was my thought too and saw the docs for Vesta had a command line builder to specify which apps to install and finally noticed that in the docs for Hestia a similar functionality exists (with different packages). I don’t even want to think about how many OS/CP variants I’ve installed to settle on Ubuntu 18/Hestia CP.

Would you show me the reference you mentioned here?

Probaly he means the custom installation arguments:

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Yep. What got me looking into this was the VestaCP website had this command line builder. Pretty simple html. Maybe on the homepage for Hestia mention custom installs and point to the github docs? That may save some confusion.

We already have a own one (, will be published on the new website, as soon as we finished it :slight_smile:.

Is it now possible to remove apache2 from the server once the server has been setup using hestiacp 1.3 with apache2 plus nginx?

See here the answer.

Hi, what’s the command line to only use nginx in the install if I were to reinstall and would everything work the same as well the auto app install, I realize that nginx needs a certain htaccess file filled out, is that automatic as well

–apache2 no

Nginx requires templates for each app… We have a lot of different ones available by default