Server's apache2 or nginx configurations got reset after apt upgrade

So, I have an old VPS with hestiaCP, which I decided to apt update && apt upgrade.

While updating there were several prompts asking stuff, which ones I without reading accepted.

Now it’s led into server’s problem. NGINX or Apache were failing to launch, which I found out to be port 80 binding problem (both were fighting for it).

So I believe that apache2 is failing cause some of it configs got reset. I tried to debug it and find a work around by changing the reverse proxy’s nginx configs, but since doing that a bit intuitively randomly, failing to achieve good results.

Currently I changed Apache2’s port to sit on 8080 and 8443 on ports.conf, but still have just a Success message when I try to open the site.

Is there a way to fastly edit it to make the site work?

ALSO: I have access to the panel.

Would be grateful for help!

Have a look at the search function, has been handled a lot of times - for example: Updated Apache2 and broke domain access on 443

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Yah, you are right, I tried to search using google, but haven’t tried the forum’s one, since wasn’t really sure how to ask the question correctly.

Anyways, thank you for your answer, it partly fixed the problem, and then on a suggested thread I found also an additional note, so will post here a full solution which worked for me:

1 - Change the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf contents to this:

(source: the one recomended by @Raphael)

2 - In same directory /etc/apache2/ there should be a ports.conf file and a ports.conf.XXXX.
Make a backup of ports.conf file, then delete it and rename the ports.conf.XXXXX to ports.conf
(source: Apache2 broken after upgrade - #5 by eris)

3 - sudo systemctl restart apache2

4 - it now should work as expected :slight_smile:

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