Setting up Let's Encrypt with a public IP and multiple domains in Hestia CP

Hello to all community members, I have a question about the Hestiacp panel: I have successfully installed it on Debian 11 with all updates, and it works perfectly. I use it as a self-hosting solution on a real physical machine with a public IP from my internet provider in Paraguay. Currently, it has a working domain, and its hostname is correctly set with Lets Encrypt SSL certificates. I’ve been looking for a way to implement the same certificate for all the domains I create within the server. If I try to enable Lets Encrypt support from the panel for each domain separately, the panel creates SSL support for the last domain where I activated it but removes SSL support for the previously activated one.

I found a tool called certbot, which theoretically activates SSL support for all domains using a single public IP for the server. How do I achieve this using Hestiacp?

You could unnecessarily complicate your HestiaCPserver with Certbot, but why? There is no need to load up one certificate with a bunch of SANs. Just let HestiaCP obtain Let’s Encrypt certificates using its own ACME client.

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Cert bot is not supported and nessesarry …

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