SSL Install for Hestia Panel Host Error

Hello there,

After installing everything correctly, I couldn’t install SSL on the hestia host panel. These are the commands I use

[email protected]:~# v-add-letsencrypt-host

And these are the errors I got every time

Error: WEB_DOMAINS limit is reached :: upgrade user package
Error: web domain host.domain.tld doesn’t exist

What should I do please?

Thank you!

did you use a real full domain name as hostname for your panel during install? that command tries to get an ssl certificate for that hostname, so it has to exist and point to your servers IP correctly…

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Edit the hosting plan of that user so that it can have more domains.

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@falzo Yes I did, and it pointed correctly because I was able to install WP site and it has an SSL currently.

@jlguerrero How will I do that please, from the hestia panel or SSH?

Login in via the panel

Delete the web domain currently present and run the command again


Does that mean, if I delete the e.g., I will have to start over again to add users, configure domain, mail and install WP from scratch?

no, if you want to use an existing domain that already has an ssl certificate generated you can tell hestia to simply use that via v-update-host-certificate <user> <domain.tld>

the other function would be used, if that domain is the main hostname not used for anything else.

@eris after deleting the web domain and running the command again, I got the new following error

Error: Let’s Encrypt new auth status 400 (host.domain.tld)
Error: Let’s Encrypt SSL creation failed

What should I do please?

Thanks for your support.

@falzo I tried your suggestion v-update-host-certificate <user> <domain.tld> but it didn’t work either.

if you deleted the domain, obviously my suggestion won’t work, because the domain and ssl cert don’t exist anymore.

so before you mix up things, decide on which way you want or need to go.

a) have a hostname/domain that you want to use for the panel and the same domain for your user/wordpress

b) have the hostname/domain for the panel differ from the one for your user and wordpress

for a) create the user and web domain under it in your panel, use the GUI to obtain a ssl certificate, use v-update-host-certificate in CLI to tell hestia to use this existing domain and cert

for b) have your servers general hostname setup properly, with the domain pointing to the IP so that letsencrypt can aquire a certificate correctly when using the v-add-letsencrypt host. this is not the domain of any user but the hostname of your server. usually you gave this name during install to hestia and it is automatically set up as webdomain in the admin account

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@falzo thank you. I had tried your suggestion before deleting the web domain.

I couldn’t seem to find a way to fix this. I don’t mind starting over so I can learn everything from scratch again. How do I delete hestia and reinstall afresh?

I would like to go for approach B when starting afresh.

Thank you.

PS: I’ll appreciate if you can point me to the right resource to learn how to do this correctly.

You need to reinstall the OS.

@ScIT how please? What’s the command I’ll use?

Depends on the provider…

@eris I don’t understand what you mean by provider.

While I was installing hestia on Oracle Cloud, I followed this step using SSH

  1. sudo su -
  2. wget
  3. bash --interactive no --email [email protected] --password exampledemopassword --hostname -f

And that’s it. Then proceeded to install WP and mail.

The thing now is, I don’t know how to reverse that step and start over again.

EDIT: I tried to force reinstall with the command bash --force but it gave this error Hestia install detected. Unable to continue .

I don’t know what else to try.

Terminate the server in Oracle cloud and start over again. Hesita does not provide removal program…


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