Subdomain for Docker Container

Hello everyone

I am currently using Hestia in nginx only mode. Now I have a use case where I want to use a Docker container. I want to make the application accessible via a subdomain.
In another entry here in the forum, it says that you should create a template. However, the template then refers to the proxy mode (proxy_pass). In my opinion, I cannot use this type of template. Correct?
Can I use a php-fpm template at all?

Thanks for your help.

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Unless you set it up to connect to a socket the only other way is to use proxy pass and a port number …

So do I understand correctly that I have to switch on proxy mode? Is this possible in Nginx only mode?

During the last update I had problems with the domains and in the end I had to delete several lines with proxy at the beginning from hestia.conf. So the proxy mode is off for me.

Perhaps you could briefly explain what I can do?

Yes you can just use a template

And modify the template

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