Unable to add email accounts on outlook client


I have installed Hestia control panel everything seems to work fine, but I have only one issue when i tried to add my email account on any client like outlook or Gmail it doesn’t allow me and gives me error couldn’t open connection to the server i have checked all the ports and security types but same problem persist so it is requested you to please help me to solve this issue.

Check if you have been banned by fail2ban

Using Cloudlare?

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I have checked i am not banned by fail2ban.

no not using Cloud flare.

sorry bro i have checked again and im banned by fail2Ban :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


When a new client migrates to my email server, and configures several outlooks, the whole office will be banned for sure.

Try to whitelist the office IP in fail2ban first.

Yes thanks I have whitelisted my office IP. :v: