V-add-letsencrypt-domain cron job error


I am getting at Hestia error.log this error running every 5 min for the last 13 days non stopping. It’s about a cron job for a sub domain I created then deleted at the same day. I have removed the DNS records of the sub domain and tried to remove then rerun Let’s Encrypt from HestiaCP but that didn’t stop the error.

2020-09-17 11:45:01 v-list-dns-records ‘USER’ ‘SUB.WORDPRESS.(1)’ [Error 3]
2020-09-17 11:45:01 v-add-letsencrypt-domain ‘USER’ ‘SUB.WORDPRESS.(1)’ ‘’ ‘no’ ‘yes’ [Error 3]

Can you help stop this error.


Check if you can see something in /usr/local/hestia/data/queue/letsencrypt.pipe and remove the contents

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Thank you eris for your support.

This is the content of letsencrypt.pipe. I am not sure what to remove?

It should be normally empty unless there is a task to …

The file you posted is the content of https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/blob/main/bin/v-update-letsencrypt-ssl

Thanks eris, the error stopped.