VirtualBox with Ubuntu 22.04

Hello, I’m a beginner and I decided to create a virtual machine to study how to configure an Ubuntu 22.04 server with HestiaCP as a way of learning. I’m having trouble getting the domain I created inside Hestia running. Cannot find DNS. I’m looking here in the forum for solutions to my problem but I haven’t found it yet. Can you point me to some topics to better understand the DNS issue and how I can configure it.

I installed VirtualBox with Ubuntu 22.04. I don’t know if the problem is using a virtual machine for this type of study.

Thank you in advance for any and all guidance.

Hestia isnt made for beginners, you should be aware of sysadmin basics when you want to use it. There are a few threads handling and explaining it, for example In general about the panel - #3 by falzo and a few others available over the search function.


If your host OS is Windows, you can pick and place the IP address of your virtual machine with ubuntu 22.04 and HestiaCP as the default DNS in the network settings…
Whether from the bridge type network connection or host-only network…

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