VPS provider suggestion for email server

I have been using Digital Ocean for many years.
All good, but in the last couple of years I had issues with email blacklists blocking my server´s sent emails.

I have filled a ticket but basically they are telling me “Don’t use us as email relay servers, we can’t do anything about it”. That is frustrating.

So the question is, can someone WITH EXPERIENCE ON THIS ISSUE can recommend me another VPS provider that works


Basicly no. Email delivery has been a pain in the last few years. Easiest thing would be to take a SMTP Relay service like Amazon SES.


@fedekrum what locations do you need ?

I’m glad that you’re sharing your experience. I’m having the same frustration with linode. And i’ve tried a bunch of SMTP providers. MailJet worked for about 10% of my mail. They said I could relay 12k emails a month… but then they converted me to a ‘30 day trial’. I’ll try to sign up for Amazon SES, but I’m EXTREMELY price-sensitive.

And even IF I choose a different SMTP relay provider, I’m willing to whitelist IP Addresses, but I don’t want to have to whitelist EVERY SINGLE DOMAIN, am I really going to be stuck whitelisting every single domain and email address I want to send from?

I just want to whitelist my 5 IP addresses, and then allow ANY [email protected] to send emails. I don’t think that is too much to ask for.