Webmail interface "An internal error has occurred"

Hi guys!
I ask the dear community to give advice on which log file to check here is my case.

I did a fresh install Hestia and added the domains.
After some time, I decided to create a mail domain and create a mail account.

Then I want to follow the link to the webmail interface and I get an error message:

Oops… something went wrong!

An internal error has occurred. Your request cannot be processed at this time.

For administrators: Please check the application and/or server error logs for more information.

Please tell me which log file I should study in detail in order to understand the essence of the error

Thank s
With best regards


This log file for each domain contains no entries

The error message says to check the system or application log.

The system log contains no errors.
Where can I see the application log?



There are no files in this location at all
including log file

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please be more descriptive about your system/setup. what components did you install? which versions are you using, did it work before? what was the last change/interaction (like any updates) you did before it stopped working etc.

if it seems the error logs are empty, check the access logs for the same domain and timestamp to see if there accesses logged at all.

do you use a proxy or cloudflare or something like that? if you do not see anything in the logfiles maybe the request does not even reach your server, but stops somewhere before already.

other than that such internal errors often are either permission things or failed database access. however those you will find in some logfile after all.

Hello, Falzo!
Thanks for your thoughtful look into my problem.
And that’s how it was.
We use HestiaCP ten servers. Everything is great.

And here we are taking a new server in April
4 CPU 16Gb RAM 1Tb HDD

Immediately we made an update to the Ubuntu system

apt-get upgrade

Then the installation of HestiaCP is successful.

The next activity mark is the creation of the DNS server.
Master server and slave. At the same time, we were finally able to synchronize the Slave DNS on one IP address with another Master.

When we delegated the domain and waited for our NS1 to come into force, NS2 was very happy and celebrated with a glass of red semi-sweet wine.

After we went through the Ubuntu update again, since
when logging into the console, a message appeared with the option to update.

apt-get upgrade

When we now host a new domain, we can delegate it to our NS servers.
It’s time to delegate the domain, for which we began to create mail.
And so, as always, to check the operation of mail on a new domain, we follow the link from the panel and get an error message.

Early we rejoiced, we thought :slight_smile:

Once again, we launched the installation of the roundcube,

apt install roundcube

but the installation was interrupted by a message that we already have the base.

That’s all we’ve done up until today.

Yesterday, only, was a good day off, and it was wonderful to spend it in the country.

Today again we are alone with this problem

With best regards?,

Don’t install roundcube via apt(-update)

We use our own “installer” run the upgrade script in /usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/manaual/

Run the script

migrate_roundcube.sh ?

Yes …

Script started successfully

0 New 0 Installed 26 deleted files

The situation remains the same…

Sending mail is working, the Thunderbird client is connected and letters are successfully sent and reach the address

Now check /var/log/roundcube folder it should have log files…

There are no files in this folder

And /var/log/nginx/domain/mail.domain.error.log / /var/log/nginx/domain/mail.domain.error.log



This file contains 0 kB

webmail files are missing in this directory

This file contains nothing close to a roundcube

Hello, friends!
A problem still stands in the way of safely surfing the delights of life

I would be very happy with advice on how to diagnose roundcube malfunctions

Without any error logs or anything other information I have no ideas.

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“Without logs, I can’t take an idea”

What I’ve been trying to ask all week
not otherwise than

  • “Please tell me, my friends, which log file to read in order to understand the problem?”

It was with this question that I turned to the branch, or not ???