Webmail PHP version Error

Remove PHP 7.2 If you don’t need it

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What do you mean! Sorry but unable to understand

Please be aware of Please read this, before you start!…

Hestia uses v-script’s to control everything, jaap suggested a script which is really easy to trigger over shell and changes used php version to whatever you want or as in the example 8.0.

actually, I am using the server for the serious clients, i don’t want to take risk that’s why i am asking for proper command to resolve the problem/error

please help me! that’s urgent

you have already the hint, we cant do it for you and aswell cant replace sysadmin knowledge. If it is that urgent, you should get some paid help.

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what amount you want?

I’m at 100 euro/hrs (due to swiss location), minimum one hour in advance.

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its just one command! bro

Then run it by your own?


now i am showing this error

that’s not an error, its just plain roundcube output - probaly you’ve set an invalid/not installed php version :man_shrugging:

i set php8.2 which is installed

Roundcube doesn’t support php8.2 yet

But it looks like https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/main/install/deb/apache2/hestia-event.conf

is missing in /etc/apache2/conf.d/

I also try after set php8.1 and 8.0

please, help me

please stop opening a new thread, if you habe an existing one.