Which language do you use?

Hi everyone,

We’re looking for some feedback from you as we continue to work on improving the quality of Hestia Control Panel. Please feel free to comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

Which language do you primarily use?

Non-English speakers and those who are familiar with other languages: we are looking for help on improving the quality of our translations. To get started, check out the language files under /web/inc/i18n/ on GitHub and submit a pull request.

Thanks everyone,
The Hestia Control Panel development team

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Greek other than English.

Can fix Czech if needed.

@martineliascz, any contributions to the translations are appreciated so please feel free to submit a pull request at your convenience and thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

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@alex I’ve just checked the Greek translation and while it is generally decent, it could be improved.

How do you feel about changing the term “διεπαφή” to “σημείο διασύνδεσης” or “διασύνδεση”, whenever the term “interface” refers to a network interface (NIC), instead of a user interface (GUI / WebUI etc)

Btw Wikipedia has a useful page for translating IT terminology:

I can translate in Hindi + Urdu

but i don’t think hi.php is there in the shared language files link.

If required we can add new languages however we would like to offer for example 10 “languages” we can maintain actively then support 50 we maintain with “Google” translate the last method takes a lot of time and the quality as we don’t speak it will be less…

@kpv completely agree, decent but can be improved. I will review it today and make some changes, feel free to check it out and propose any amendments you deem appropriate!


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I’m using english but I’m from Spain and can to contribute to “es.php” spanish file.

That’s great @Wibol !

@MohdKhan you can always duplicate an existing one and create a Pull Request.

I started translation, will translate it ASAP

Thank you! Looking forward to it.

Reviewed, tested on HestiaCP v1.2.0 and “Pull Requested” the es.php Spanish file.

The same translation string (‘Records’) is used in the top navigation menu and the DNS section, which makes the work complicated at least in Spanish. Different translation strings should be used for those items.

The Records tab links to the list of user accounts in the admin session and to the list of web domains in the user session, so I think a more generic name should be used like: Management, Administration, Index or Home.

Some elements of the GUI remain untranslated because their translation string does not exist or is not used. I will send a list of them.

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Pleases check the list first according the en.php but will not supprise me we missed a few

Thanks for the advice, but the problem also exists at en.php. I’ve opened a new issue.

We will take a look at it and probably add them

@martineliascz @MohdKhan @kvp

Please check How to contribute with Translations

@Wibol thank you for the changes you have all ready made :heart:

The new translation system is much more convenient and invites collaboration. Thanks to you.

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I agree the biggest issue we experienced if “I” created a new feature and it will require new strings I had to create the translation string in en.php and if possible all other files (+/- 30) at the same time. As with many “issue” created in the last years it was often forgotten.

For future use when some body creates a new feature / change templates the strings can be generated via 1 command and imported in Glotpress and all translations are up to date and marked “Untranslated”

Every body can create improvements and share ideas for beter translations.

When more users are going to use it we can always “assign” certain people “validator” roles.