WHMCS Plugin / softaclous integration


Hestiacp looks really good to me.
Does a WHMCS Plugin exist or can use the vestacp WHMCS Plugin with hestiacp also ?

Is the integration of softaclous also planned?



Hi Aixtreme

Thanks for your post!

You can try to reuse the vestacp WHMCS plugin, the api commands hasnt changed. Softaculous integration is not planed, also we consider to not implement it in future.

Let me know if you need anything else!

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Hello @ScIT

Can I ask why Hestia team consider to no implement in future?


Because we do not want to have encrypted code and the need of ioncube inside of hestia.



Seems to be a good point.
Thank you!

I guess I must cancel the license renewal :relieved: . That’s good. I 'm poor

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