Why It's not working?

I am using hestia cp for the first time. It was working when I did these operations in other control panels. What did I miss?

domain: tarikkamat . com
NS records:
ns1 . tarikkamat . com
ns2 . tarikkamat . com

Custom NS:
ns1 .tarikkamat . com -
ns2 . tarikkamat . com -

tarikkamat.com is not working.
DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

Another domain: klinikasistanim . com
ns1 . tarikkamat . com
ns2 . tarikkamat . com


All service working but websites is not working

tarikkamat . com
is missing ns1. tarikkamat . com as A record
Same for ns2 . tarikkamat . com

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Also did you open port 53 TCP and UDP in Oracle Cloud firewall?

[email protected] ~ % nslookup tarikkamat.com
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

No, I did not open 53 port because I don’t know but I guess I’m ready.
Is it okay? I now added for 53 port number.
Firewall rules:

Sorry, this new rules:


doesn’t work

@Tarikk two messages by @eris were left above.
missing tarikkamat . com
is missing ns1. tarikkamat . com as A record
Same for ns2. tarikkamat . com


Where do I add records? I created it from the dns field on hestia, it actually appears in the pictures. I also redirected on the domain provider side. where else is left?

Did you use for the main domain “ns-child” template

From what I see you have different IPs. In the Hestia DNS Panel, Ingress Rules port 8083 one ip, port 53 another ip and nslookup Unknown.

Of course,
whatsmydns . net/#A/ns1.tarikkamat. com
whatsmydns . net/#A/ns1.tarikkamat. com
whatsmydns. net/#NS/tarikkamat. com

my domain comp. response:


Your redirect appears to be provided as follows.

intodns . com / tarikkamat . com

ns1 . tarikkamat.com. [‘’] [TTL=172800]
ns2 . tarikkamat.com. [‘’] [TTL=172800]

However, you are getting an error because your domain name is not called on the ip address you forward your name servers to.
We kindly ask you to get information from the provider you provide guidance in this regard.

Turhost Customer Service

It is finally detecting it still might take a few hours…

53 ports rule: tcp udp

8083 port rule true just one ip for security it’s ip my vpn ip adresss but since I thought it might be a problem, I removed that rule, 8083 is accessible from all ip addresses.

8083 doesn’t need to be accessible. Only 53 TCP / UDP for DNS…

53 ports rule: tcp udp port forwarding →

It’s been like this since the first day, but it never occurred to me to restart the dns server until today, I restarted it for the first time today, but it’s already been 3 hours.

I did some research on the internet then I added the following code but I can delete it. if wrong?

what is it mean?

53 ports rule: tcp udp port forwarding →

The problem is not in HestiaCp, in the firewall or routers, something you have not configured correctly.
You can try this.

ns1. A 14400

ns2 A 14400