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Dear all,

I have a problem with updating my Wordpress website, when I lunch the update via the wordpress admin page I receive this error:

Download the update from https://downloads.wordpress.org/release/it_IT/wordpress-6.0.1.zip…

The authenticity of wordpress-6.0.1.zip cannot be verified as no signature was found.

Extraction of the update in progress …

The update cannot be installed because some files cannot be copied. This is usually due to file permissions preventing it .: wp-admin / includes / update-core.php

Installation failed.

So I decided to update wordpress manually from FTP. I login in my server via WinSCP with user where the website is hosted, and when I try to delete the directory wp-admin or whatever directory it’s not possible. Why??? I’am the owner of the website. The FTP client return me this error: 550 Delete operation failed.

Can someone have this issue, or can someone help me?

550 means that the files are read-only.
I don’t know why is that since the permissions should be 755 by default.

You should login via ssh and reset the permissions.

Yes, via WinSCP the permission is 0755. How I can reset the permission from ssh?

You can use the CHMOD tool.

CHMOD 755 public_html/ -R will do if recursively (including all subfolders).

Of course in WordPress I think the documentation says that folders should be one value for CHMOD and all files should be a different value. I thought files were 644 and folders were 755. I’d go Google it

I tried to login to the server with ssh. Login like sudo user and lunch the command:

chmod -R u+rwX,go+rX,go-w ./public_html/

The permission is OK but via ftp no way to delete the folder…

Delete it as root user.

How I can login to ftp like a root user?

you can’t use ssh

Ok so i delete the the folders via ssh and upload the new via ftp. And the file whitch I have tro overview, I try via ftp. This is one solution. But the problem still remain, why the classic update doesn’t work? Can we found the solution?

Maybe wrong ownership? The clasical update process works properly if the permissions are right. You can fail that, if you download wordpress as root user and forget to change the ownership.

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This is interesting and could be the problem. Because thia account was migrated from admit to a normal user in hestia, maybe something in owner permission goes wrong. I check…

Thanks @ScIT , this was the point.

I changed the ownership of all files and folders in my domain directory and the update works like a charm.

This mean the migration of a domain form admin user to a generic new user doesn’t change the ownership of files and directories.


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