--- 20 people can't work ---

hi, here i am with clean settings on a fresh HESTIA, as before
that’s something i can do

but i can’t restore

there hasn’t been an operation that didn’t end with an issue:
unknown error, filters not applying, right folder, wrong folder, restoring, webmail connection failure, login connection failure, certificates, ssh keys and so on

i’ve chosen HESTIA, as a graphic interface, in order to let different users manage their own parts in our project: since the 5th, our teams of volunteers in France and Guinea can't work properly

since five days, i’ve spent whole days and half nights trying to do something that never showed a problem to me in the past: importing a back-up file.

for the sake of our small cultural organisation waiting for these platforms to come back online
for my mental health

I’ve installed and reinstalled again, following every thread on the subject, applying each solution i could read, to finally meet another issue each time
i’ve filled a long thread describing several of the solutions i applied that worked for others, but didn’t work in my situation

i can’t make any further move
all attempts have led me to hours of searching in the forum and failures:

HESTIA won’t accept my backup archives

it’s not in the forum, it’s not in the documentation
or I just can’t find it

In its section “How do I move a user to a new server?”
it doesn’t even say that ownership of the archive has to be specific

there are gaps here
and i am stuck in it

I’ve read people have had same issues, for different causes, with different solutions - which didn’t apply to my situation - or i’m doing it wrong . .

if i was very excited at first to meet this project
now, i'm desappointed
and really in need of assistance here
i can't go on like this
i've tried to the limit

please somebody helps, explains what’s wrong with our archive and guide me towards repairing our working tool

many thanks in advance

thank you all for your comprehensive silences


I’m sorry that it doesnt seem to work for you, but we provide hestia as it is - our license doesnt include any support or warranty. Also we can’t help you with guides or information for every single step, a restore should work, why it doesnt work in your case, I can’t say.

If really 20 people relay on your skillset in combination with hestia, you should consider to get help from a sysadmin or switch to anything that fits better to your needs.


we can’t afford that yet
importing a backup file made by the same system that produced it shouldn’t be a problem

earlier you have posted this link to manual back up, but this documentation doesn’t mention any thing about that

in the first place, it doesn’t even mention the archive’s ownership (admin:user)
guessing this is not a technical skill, i’ve had to find it out in the forum

i assume that our projects ran before hestia and must after hestia as well

here, i was asking for help, as anyone else
thanks for your concern

because we expect that you know how to unpack an archive which is a really basic skill you should have when you’re running hestia.

sorry to hear that, but we cant provide any support in that case as stated above from @eris. Maybe someone else from the community likes to help, but you should really consider to get paid help.


come on… it’s not about how to unarchive
i’ve simply asked you afterwards, what should i do with the content!!?
stick right into the domain folder?
then i also asked: what about the ownership during this operation
cause another day you said not to try to change them manually

to what? import a backup archive?
then i’ll pay someone to come and knock on your door?

you’re not answering my technical question
discussing the situation will be a waste of our time . .

and you think with that attitude you’ll get any help? nah, I’m out.


sorry, i didn’t mean to offend you

i meant that discussing my situation won’t help me and will waste your time

i think i get it
do you think i’d threat you? threat for help? that i’d pay someone to come and visit you . . come on . .
i meant i’d pay someone that would come here and knock on this door, the forum’s door!

@punkyard You did not approach this in a manor where anyone would want to help you. No one wants to help anyone that starts off being belligerent being paid or not being paid.
My advice is take some time cool down, rethink your thought and
create another user account on here and ask for help politely


thanks @johnny for your message
i’ve expressed my despair in the first post, up here

asked for help, politely? well i thought so … ‘please’, ‘thank you’ would have been part of it
i don’t have any belligerent feelings towards any one here
but frustration and a lot of tiredness from the past days

i do apologize if my intentions could have been taken in a wrong way

have a good evening