Control Panel Password Reset email not sending

Hi, I’m using HestiaCP 1.6.14 on Ubuntu 20 (Oracle arm64). It was setup without any mailserver (exim/dovecot). Just need it to serve normal website + external smtp relay service.

I refered to this guide Set up SMTP to receive HestiaCP server's internal email on setting up the internal mail to use external smtp service. I got it set up using SMTP2GO with SSL port 465.

While testing out the internal mailing function,

  1. New User welcome email = Sent out OK via smtp2go & received (receiver uses Gmail)
  2. Backup completed email = Sent out OK via smtp2go & received
  3. Hestia update notification email = Sent out OK via smtp2go & received
  4. Forgot Password email = No email send. In the log there’s a record of password reset by user. And no other errors in the error.log

Am I doing anything wrong here? Or the forgot password email require exim to be installed?
Thanks for your support.

So far I know it should also be send out via the same method

When I input the username & email on the password reset form, then submit. I didn’t get this notice:
“Password reset instructions have been sent to the email address associated with this account.”

But when i retry again, i do get the other notice:
“Please wait 15 minutes before sending a new request”

Both admin & user password reset request seems like not being processed…somehow…no error in log, not even reach the smtp server, no log on that side as well.

Once submitted, i check in the system.log, there’s a new entry like so:
2022-12-19 15:49:14 v-change-user-rkey ‘demo1’ ‘/tmp/vstj10Xcj’

@eris Could you please verify is this a bug? Since it was also reported on the other post SMTP for internal emails not working - #13 by shg

And by any chance, whoever can get the password reset email working using the latest version, please share with me your setup including OS type.

This bug is fixed on the latest version 1.7.0. Now all internal emails are working.


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