Control Panel Password Reset email not sending

Hi, I’m using HestiaCP 1.6.14 on Ubuntu 20 (Oracle arm64). It was setup without any mailserver (exim/dovecot). Just need it to serve normal website + external smtp relay service.

I refered to this guide Set up SMTP to receive HestiaCP server's internal email on setting up the internal mail to use external smtp service. I got it set up using SMTP2GO with SSL port 465.

While testing out the internal mailing function,

  1. New User welcome email = Sent out OK via smtp2go & received (receiver uses Gmail)
  2. Backup completed email = Sent out OK via smtp2go & received
  3. Hestia update notification email = Sent out OK via smtp2go & received
  4. Forgot Password email = No email send. In the log there’s a record of password reset by user. And no other errors in the error.log

Am I doing anything wrong here? Or the forgot password email require exim to be installed?
Thanks for your support.

So far I know it should also be send out via the same method

When I input the username & email on the password reset form, then submit. I didn’t get this notice:
“Password reset instructions have been sent to the email address associated with this account.”

But when i retry again, i do get the other notice:
“Please wait 15 minutes before sending a new request”

Both admin & user password reset request seems like not being processed…somehow…no error in log, not even reach the smtp server, no log on that side as well.

Once submitted, i check in the system.log, there’s a new entry like so:
2022-12-19 15:49:14 v-change-user-rkey ‘demo1’ ‘/tmp/vstj10Xcj’

@eris Could you please verify is this a bug? Since it was also reported on the other post SMTP for internal emails not working - #13 by shg

And by any chance, whoever can get the password reset email working using the latest version, please share with me your setup including OS type.