Drupal Quick Install "You are not authorized to access this page"

Hestia Control Panel: v1.5.10
Operating System:Ubuntu 20.04 (aarch64)
Default Install (no changes made)

I install drupal with the Instal script and get “You are not authorized to access this page.” when going to the URL. I looked for the index.php file and it is in the /public_html /web/ folder.

Is this by design or should the root folder for drupal be set to the /public_html /web/ folder?

Are you using nginx + php-fpm or nginx + Apache2?

I am currently working on some of bug fixes for both the “Quick” installers it self as the “Apps” that get installed…

@eris sorry forgot to post my install-info:

Hestia Control Panel: v1.5.10
Operating System:Ubuntu 20.04 (aarch64)
Default Install (no changes made)


hey, I just went through a Drupal install, and it failed FOR SURE. This box is nginx-only.

I came to the diagnosis that Drupal got installed to a subdirectory /web.

I honestly TRIED to confgure a ‘Custom Document Root’ in the Web Advanced Options, and I guess I was partially successful

  • the page RENDERED.
    then I clicked on the ‘login’ link and that sent me to /web/login/ something and it was unsuccessful.

I’m pretty sure if I know how to configure the ‘Custom Document Root’ properly to apply to the site, that it work work fully.

Or of course, someone could probably adjust the template? I’ve honestly been through TOO MANY drupal installs to fuck with it by hand


I have made a lot of changes to

Where is alter the templates on Nginx. Just be patient…

yeah, i’m too chicken to install beta on a new production server. Maybe i’ll go try that on one of my older servers (that I want to retire)

I love your guys work. I had someone else refer me to cyberpanel and I think the other one was cloudpanel, and the related cloudpages. i’m like, uh no thanks.

It’s hestiacp or back to cpanel for me, and for now the answer has to be ‘both’

Current version contains a huge bug with email it is better not to install it yet…

Quick install has a lot of minor “issues” that still need to be solved. But we have to set our priorities… And to be honest Quick installer doesn’t have the main priority…

I’m sorry, but are you speaking of hestiaCP as a WHOLE, or just the drupal part. I’ve been friggin struggling trrying to troubleshoot my email failures for the last few days. I Can’t find a GOOD simple and most importantly CHEAP smtp provider. and I just don’t have the budget I need to support 5-7 different VPS servers all year around.

Hopefully, it’s just drupal. I’m gonna go ahead and install the ‘Quick Fix’ as I’d rather be part of the soluton, then just another squeaky wheel!

Have I TOLD YOU GUYS how much I love your software?

I STILL think that the best resource on the internet, the site that SOLD ME on Vesta nearly a decade ago, it was ‘ServerMom.org’. And I htink that we should basically republish or at least advertise some of her old articles. They are all bragging about supporting 100k page views on a $5/month VPS.

I swear, back THEN, I would run some website performance tests, and I would get SOME results in about 10ms. I don’t know if it’s just that WORDPRESS has gotten so much more bloated over the last five years. I Just miss the good old days, and I think that ServerMom.org or whatever the site is basically a HERO for telling the world about VestaCP.

hey, I did that Git patch. It really took me about 10 minutes to discover the command, then running it was quick and painless.

I kinda wish the search on our site was better. I swear, I was searching for posts containing EITHER the phrase “jaapmarcus fix” or the phrase “quick-installers” and I couldn’t find anything on forum site OR on github when I was searching for those strings.

So far, NextCloud installed flawlessly. I’m gonna test Drupal and also the two Wiki apps to see how I like them. I wasn’t impressed with DokuWiki yesterday. I liked the plugin library, but it was weird, some plugins were available for download, and some were ‘already installed’. But in MY opinion, I couldn’t find an option to UPLOAD a plugin after I had downloaded it.

And I had a lot of hopes for MediaWiki. I have a bunch of projects right now, and I need SOME way to find / search data that’s going to make things easier on me

Docuwiki isn’t a great CMS how ever advantage it doesn’t require a database.

Media wiki is more “advanced” how ever never used it in the past…

Yeah. I’m a DB guy at heart. So I really wanna check out the Dokuwiki ‘Connect to an External DB’ Plugins.

I just tried installing some random project management extension in Dokuwiki. I mean, the GUI looks 100x better, and the ability to browse and install plugins LOOKS better, but I still got this error pretty quick. Hang on, I’m gonna go look in the app log and error log for more details

Fatal error : Declaration of action_plugin_projects_action::register(&$controller) must be compatible with dokuwiki\Extension\ActionPlugin::register(Doku_Event_Handler $controller) in /home/u1031/web/MYDOMAIN.com/public_html/lib/plugins/projects/action/action.php on line 27

All the errors mention FastCGI, so I’m guessing I should either turn that ON or OFF? Its too late for me to deal with this, I’m heading to bed. Goodnight!



Seems like a bug in Docuwiki…

We don’t develop Docuwiki… We just install the last publish version

Yeah, so I Just went in and deleted the /lib/plugins/projects/ which was the extension I had attempted.

So after killing that ‘projects’ plugin folder, the site was mostly functional. I’m still gonna have to check out MediaWiki before I can REALLY know which one i’m gonna use.

But I’m STOKED that you made those two apps (so far) work. I’ll have to admit I have the same compalint about nextcloud that I always do. I see 4-5 cool plugins. I goto install them. And it never completes. I can try to make sure the Template is set correctly (to Owncloud, there is no nextcloud .TPL right?)

And maybe I can increase some memory limits or something. I’m DYING to get my coworkers to start using spreadsheets, but I really want something self-hosted

nextcloud is a fork of owncloud…

I have been using mediawiki for several years now. I am very happy with it.

Give it a try.

Whenever I have to investigate on how to do something for work, I document it and then whenever I want to repeat stuff, I just go back, read the source (or not) and apply the solution.