Happy with HestiaCP

I changed from CentOS to Debian, from VestaCP to HestiaCP.
I am very happy with the results. Everything works fine, restore was good, help in the forum was good and the HestiaCP features are also very good.
So this is just a message to say that HestiaCP is a good product and it works very good for me.
Thanks for the good product, Ph.


HestiaCP is a realy nice open source project. I agree with you.




No it’s Not ! Full of bugs and errors, developer give no answers to problems and if he does it is short and unfriendly

You’re joking right? just read trough your topic history, you started always with a minimal stack of informations, even with detailed instructions how to get them, you havent provided them, and a few other samples. I think at some time its normal that you either dont get an answer or the answer will be short (or unfriendly in your eyes), sometimes its also possible that there is no answer, its called community forum.

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We made hestia, as a fork of vesta, because we all use it for our own. Beside that, we provide it for other people to use (for free!) - we earn nearly zero, cant even pay the running costs over donations. @eris does a massive job with providing free support - and the only idea from you is to call it “full of bugs” because it doesnt work for you but for more than 20k other live and active servers?

Dont get me wrong, I’m more than open for a structured discussion, but here its like in your issues: To less informations, it’s easy to write “full of bugs” without providing any example for it…


I also agree its a damn awesome panel.

ScIT - I think hes gotten past all his issues now he/she’s complementing you on your efforts… :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree Eris does an great job and he’s approachable and not a lot gets misinterpreted (after all we all speak different languages)…


Ow you can talk ? I am not joking no.
I have started a topic with a question

9 hours ago. No answer. What kind of info do you want, a book work ? This is the error I get, more it will not be.

I found you very unprofessional according to all your answers on this forum. How old are you ?

his issues ? what his ? I am a woman 43 years old … with your he

Thank you for this great Control Panel. I am grateful for all the help and support I have received from you. I have learned many things here and I am always visiting this forum to learn more.

Wish you all the best.


I am not starting a war and argue with you or anyone else. I have an error and I really want to fix it, but I don’t how. I tried everything

According our license we don’t provide any warranty / liability or any kind of support

It is very easy if you can’t wait please switch over to Cpanel and spam their ticket support.

We are not getting paid by HestiaCP or by any user …


Beside the fact, that we dont provide or guarantee any support, which @eris already stated out, you think anyone has the smallest interrest to help you, if you provide such an attitude? For my part, a clear no.

All other parts, including the weird “he/she” thing which he clearly can’t know, I’ll gonna ignore, not realy worth the attention.

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You have not tried to provide us with full logs as other people do.

If you want us to spend our time fixing your system at least put some effort on it and provide the information.

I would love to help you but my knowledge is not enough to deal with your error.

If I may, I would suggest you to hire a professional sysadmin.

As for this awesome panel, thank you.


I am using Hestia around 2year I never faced any issue even my servers specifications are low , such a robust control panel

I never see any bugs in 2 years and 2nd you are using a free control panel how can you demanding full-fledged support. Thik about that


Look at your own attitude Boy ! and for me you are a big No

That’s ok, you can have your opinion, I can have mine. But its clearly off topic now, your issue seems to be solved, so we can stop here.

PS: Posts are readable for mods, also if you delete them. I would suggest to stop with insults, thank you!


same for you

Люди трудятся для нас, пишут проект бесплатно, будь благодарна за то что есть ! а ты ведёшь себя как СВИНЬЯ, если что то не нравится уйди и больше не возвращайся.
Тебя с этим проектом ничего не держит, возьми другой проект и ЗАМОЛЧИ !

People work for us, write a project for free, be grateful for what you have! and you behave like xxx, if you don’t like something, leave and don’t come back.
Nothing keeps you with this project, take another project and shut up!

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Tell me where I insulted you, and we can discuss further. Same for the 100x bugs of hestia. I’ll be sure there will be nothing with any fundament.

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First please stop insulting each other.

We are open for comments / remarks but it should never been a reason to start insulting each other… and if you start with the simplest method to deal with it is to ban you… If you want to listen to clients that would like to complain I can better start working at an costumer Helpdesk at least I will get paid for it…