Name server configuration

Hi team,

Forgive my ignorance - I am coming from cPanel and am learning as I go here.

I have a few domains that I host with myself, I have 2 IPs that I can use for my own nameservers … I’m trying to figure out if that’s possible with HestiaCP.

I am looking for the documentation on how to setup name servers, or some guidance. I have looked at the similar topics, but none seem to quite answer how to set up the name server.

Thank you

For the domain that you will use for the name server you must set the glue/child records with your domain provider. Then also create the A records for your ns1/ns2

Do you plan on hosting domains on both servers?

I do not plan on hosting them on both servers, no…
Do you know of a guide / walkthrough / resources where I can learn how to do this here?

Thank you for the reply Elmo - I thought it was very brave of you to stand before Congress in 2010 <3

I found this:

The links in that thread are dead though…

Thank you.

In these instructions, it says:
Preparing the domain and DNS

2. On your domain registrar panel, set the name servers of the domain to the Hestia servers

What are the Hestia servers? Do you mean like ? Or your servers?

Edit; Also, when I tried to

I got the error:
root@vps-x:/home/ubuntu# v-add-remote-dns-host 8083 ‘accesskey:secretkey’ ‘’ ‘api’ ‘dns-cluster’
Error: connection failed
Error: sync failed

Is this because I used the wrong Hestia servers?

Hestia servers means YOUR servers (ex: ns1.yourdomain.tld pointing to one of your Hestia servers and ns2.yourdomain.tld to the other Hestia server).

But do you have two Hestia Serves or only one? Because if you only have one, then that command won’t work, you can’t create a dns cluster with only one Hestia server.

Hey Sahsanu,

Thanks for the reply. That makes good sense, I’ll make sure I submit my server information. I only have the one VPS - However, using other panel solutions I was able to create my own nameservers using 2 different IP addresses (Granted, they both went to the same server - but it worked as needed)

Is this not possible using Hestia CP?

Thank you again,

Yes, it is possible even with just one ip.

I see. How is that possible? I see the error about the sync failing, because I only have the one server. I do have 2 Ips as I mentioned… do I configure it differently to reflect the 2nd IP?

You setup DNS cluster with only 1 VPS? You need 2 VPS for DNS Cluster.

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Anyone who wants to use the hestiacp dns feature should keep an eye out for this one

I still hope one day that they will fix it… @eris Maybe i can offer to pay for it to be fixed? Please.

Every few days i have to manually check for duplicate zones on my master/slaves/master/slave.