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Certainly don’t want to detract from what a great setup HestiaCP is, however playing Devil’s Advocate here. Is it theoretically possible to install OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.16 and either have it as an option or replacement?

  • 5X More requests per second.
  • LSAPI allows better PHP performance than mod_PHP and PHP-FPM.
  • Extremely low CPU and memory footprint.
  • HTTP/3. As OpenLiteSpeed focuses on speed, it adopts new technology faster than Nginx does.
  • Built-in PageSpeed and ModSecurity module. If you use Nginx, you have to re-compile these two modules every time you upgrade Nginx.
  • Buil-in page cache integration with popular web applications like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, Opencart, Drupal, xenForo, Laravel, Shopware, and MediaWiki.
  • Anti-DDoS connection and bandwidth throttling.
  • Built-in Brotli compression for static files.
  • Web-based admin panel.

Has been discussed a few times, it would be possible to integrate with a big effort but we are not interrested to do so. Is it possible to install Litespeed in hesticp?

I did test with the same purposes long time ago, and posted here some part of them:

In short: OLS fast, but not faster nginx.
OLS lie a lot. OLS bugged as heck, and do manipulations.
That’s why i will never ever back again on OLS / Litespeed. I hate liars.


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LOL good to see that you have a sense of humour my friend.

I guess it’s still hard to convince a Windows user that MacOS is far superior. Having worked with OpenLiteSpeed, Wordpress and OpenLitespeed Cache for over a year I know in real world terms how amazing it is. Never a problem - ever.

I’ve now forked HestiaCP on GitHub and will see what I can do. Watch this space. :blush:

Enable fastcgi cache and you win a lot of preformance…


@eris I don’t know if you will believe me or not BUT … this guy is one of them (LS guys) they want to ruin any great free CP to push guys use OLS etc then they discover that they need the LS features then pay then … :slight_smile: you know … would you clean our forum and shut down this dark acts …

I’m 6 years LS and OLS user who discovered that truth just two months ago (Hestia Beat OLS etc. ) EASY … actually Hestia is about 1.8x faster than OLS and I still doing optimizations to achieve more

if anyone need help tell me and I said this before at my 1st topic here :slight_smile: A message to developers and everyone

Do not let them fool you buy LS as you will forced do this to avoid need restart every time edit .htaccess and much more needed features there

@ScIT and @eris Thank You very much for this True Great CP :heart:

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As already written multiple times, we do not have any interrest to integrate OLS in hestia - as proofed above, customized nginx with fastcgi cache is even faster than OLS.

Also, we’re happy that we have since a few days a former lightspeed developer in our team - and no, he doesnt plan to add OLS support aswell :slight_smile:.


Oh My God. What a lunatic. If you have nothing intelligent to say - say nothing.

“This Guy”

I can’t find anything particularly smart here.

I am very interested in improving performance. Since Hestiacp will not implement OLS, can we further tweak Nginx without having to compile it?

Is it possible to safely have it to auto-compile when hestiaCP upgrades or when hestiaCP finds it suitable so you don’t have to compile it yourselves …

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Custom nginx version can always be compiled on your own, you just need to place an apt-mark hold nginx to prevent it to get overwritten during update (and need to recompile it from time to time). You can also build brotli as module, @eris has here some knowledge, but its a bit tricky.

Personaly, I think a custom nginx module isnt needed always, probaly enable fastcgi cache (and use nginx only) will give you a bit power boost.

true that.

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