Record ptr reverse dns

i have this problem with reverse dns on OCI

i must change the ptr to …or i can solve in another way
without open a ticket with OCI

v-change-sys-hostname to update the hostname it is used for the help name look up if I am right.

i m sorry but i must run : v-change-sys-hostname
or i change it in the exim4.conf.4.94.template
becouse the host name in the instance is correct configurated

v-change-dus-hostname should be enough

when i instal hestia i have done the hostname like in this message of the forum


You will need to involve OCI to alter the PTR record. The required steps are outlined in the following article.

i have already done it with OCI before configure hestia
my PTR record work with
i have this from mxtoobox :
and i don’t know haw is the : Hello
may be instance name